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This Friday, June 21st at 5pm EST, Compass Cares and the Culture Committee are sponsoring a special event - a ping pong match between our very own Xiao Cui and Nolan Greenberg to determine once and for all - our COMPASS PING PONG CHAMPION. You can attend live or stream on Workplace. And when you tune in, you'll get to see me take on Robert in a match of our own (Prepare for a comedic, not athletic performance from me!) 
* There's just one small price of admission: log into the Compass Cares Portal and take any action - either log volunteer time or donate to the charity of your choice. Check here to find out more. Can't wait to see you all there!

Facebook announced plans to launch in 2020 a cryptocurrency called Libra, promising a secure blockchain-based payment system backed by hard assets and designed for mainstream users. Big, corporate partners - including financial-services heavyweights Mastercard, PayPal, Uber Technologies, and Spotify Technology - will help it create a “secure, scalable and reliable” cryptocurrency. Facebook is up to 2.4 BILLION global users. (WSJ)

In 2019, installations of solar panels are expected to be up 25% from 2018 to 13.3 gigawatts (Solar Energy Industries Assoc.) mostly from utility company installations. Prior forecasts called for 14% growth, primarily due to late project announcements in Texas, the largest producer of clean energy in the USA. Installations fell 2% in 2018 after 30% tariffs were slapped on overseas-made solar panels, but costs have dropped notably due to over-supply. Solar is good for utility companies, but surely its as good for individual homeowners who stand to reap the savings?) (REUTERS)

Many agents have built their careers hanging around wealthy people and doing the same things very wealthy people enjoy. This allows for multiple opportunities to network and connect....and have fun doing so.  This includes boating, travel, aviation, outdoor activities, skiing, collecting cars and watches, fishing, etc,   PHILANTHROPY is still #1. (WEALTH-X)

In the UK, 95% of Facebook’s Vanity Fair's monthly users access it via mobile. Mobile-first video (also known as vertical video, where users view it in a vertical, portrait orientation) is associated with the highest aided recall, message recall + purchase intent results. (VF)

The National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo said on Monday their index of builder confidence in newly built, single-family homes fell to 64 from 66 in May. Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast the reading to rise to 67. (Reuters)

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